Sell Car PC with 7” touch TFT-LCD

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A kind of high performance onboard computer with 1 DIN size tailor made for automakers, from the very beginning of products developing to products produced, completely based on the standards of auto industry. It has a powerful and stable performance

Onboard Computer was optimized by Intel IA Platform, performance of which was improved by 60% and power consumption of which was deduced to one quarter of original.
J-cool? technology assures a good heat dispersing performance inner product, prevents condensation water from dust and air into product inside, and stops mechanical heat dispersing, cutting down parts failure rate.
Built-in AM/FM transmitter, every frequency channel supports 100 programs channels to be stored.
7"high resolution digital TFT-LCD displays, 384000 pixels five times compared to ordinary onboard display.
Brightness maximum up to 380cd /m, contrast up to 500: 1, brightness is enough even in the sunshine.
Onboard Computer guarantees operation security at the aspect of structure design and production technology with its patented onboard anti-vibration technology.
TPS power supply management system is capable of being connected with automotive power supply signals, not only protecting power supply system but also hardware and software of onboard computer.
STD 1-DIN size easily to be installed.
Built-in 4*25W hi-fi amplifier, supporting 4-way vocal tracts output and creating a real feeling while watching movies.