Sell Car Rearview Mirror with 4.3 inch LCD Monitor - Touch inductive button

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4.3 inch Car Rearview Mirror LCD Monitor - Touch inductive button - Bluetooth

Screen Size: 4.3 inch
Display Screen: New Digital TFT-LCD panel
Display Resolution:480(H) XRGBX272(V)
Power supply: DC 12V
Power consumption: <=2W
Video Input: AV1 to VCD/DVD(Defaulted)
AV2 to car backup camera
Signal System:PAL/AUTO/NTSC
Contract Ratio:300:1

1. TFT-LCD Display for DVD/VCD player
2. Special anti-glaring glasses for eye sight protection. in position of the original rearview mirror
3. Automaticllyu switch to rearview system when reversing, ensure to parking satety
4. Touch screen button control
5. Can connect to VCD/DVD/TV/GPS etc, video input device.
Easy for installation and uninstallation

Auto Switching When Reverse
Under power-on condition: When reverse gear id engaged, the system automatically swithces from DVD/VCD video to backup camera video. and when parking is competed, It switches back automatically.

Under power-off condition:when reverse gear is engaged, the system automatically starts on to find the camera signal and display back video.
When parking is completed, It Switches off automatically