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Car Security Box Introduction

-Where you place the Business Private?
-Where you place the important?
-How you handle the treasures on a wild trip?
-How you take care of your belongings when you are shopping in department store?
-Want to secure your stuffs in the car even when your car is borrowed?
-How you protect your own intimacy?

The Need of Car Security Box:
The numbers of cars are kept increasing with strong economic growth. Most of the cars owner has installed the alarm system, gearbox lock, camerasetc. However, there are still some Mobile, Notebook computer, Money, Important Documentsetc are left expose in the car openly. These are all car theft target, anything lost will bring car owners great troubles and lost. For the sake of the above, in-car-safe box becomes the most direct and complete solution for you to be worried free about your belonging in your car.

Product Characteristics
-Consisted of the advance digital remote control lock, there is no any press button on the panel.
-The case material is made use of the ultra-thin bulletproof alloy board. It has fire resistance, heat resistance and can withstand strong impact.
-Installation is simple and easy, with Double Fixation method. It will not spoil the car structure.
-The main core part originated from Germany.
-It is lightweight. (10 to 12kg depend on the model)

The Installation of the Security Box
The car safe box is installed at the back of the car. The installation does not cause damage to the car and it is aesthetically articulated. A normal car technician can complete the whole installation process less then 30 minutes.

There are another two different types: 1) Home Fingerprint security box (Equip with Auto dialing system) , 2) School/Hotel/Bank safe box.
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