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Trade Name: Carbendazim

Chemical Name: N-(2 - benzimidazole-yl) - carbamate

The product is odorless powder sublimation begins at 215-2170, when the melt is greater than 2900, 3060 decomposition , does not dissolve in water, slightly soluble in acetone, chloroform and other organic solvents. Soluble in mineral acid and acetic acid, and form the corresponding salt, chemical stability.

Role of The Characteristics:
Carbendazim within the suction for efficient low toxicity fungicides, have a therapeutic effect within the suction. Pure product is white crystalline solid, the original drug to brown powder. Chemically stable, the original drug in a cool, dry place for storage of 2-3 years, the same active ingredients. Low toxicity to humans and animals, low toxicity to fish.

1. Carbendazim fungicides can be mixed with the general, but with insecticide, miticide when mixed with mixed with the use, should not be mixed with alkaline agents.

2. Make a single long-term use of Carbendazim is easily to make it resistant bacteria, should be rotated with other fungicides to use or mixed use.

3. For soil treatment, the sometimes microbial decomposition and reduce efficacy. If soil treatment is not performing, can switch to other use.

4. interval of 15 days.

Other Formulations:25%, 50% WP

Packing:According to the customers requirement.
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