Sell Carbide Gritted Rod Saw/Diamond Wire(BF-XJ)

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Product Name: Carbide Gritted Rod Saw/Diamond Wire(BF-XJ)
1. Never needs re-sharpening
2. Fits all hack saw frames
3. Used for grinding bricks, cast iron, ceramics, concretes, fiberglass, flagstone,
hardwood, laminates, plasters, plastic, PVC, rubbers, slates, stainless steel,
stranded cables, thermal blocks, wood fibre boards, and wood with nails.

Our main products are as follows :
1. diamond polishing & cutting discs/saw(electroplated/sintered/laser welded)
2. diamond grinding wheels
3. flexible diamond polishing pads
4. diamond core drills
5. diamond mounted points
6. diamond files
7. diamond sharpener
8. diamond wire
9. diamond dental tools
10. diamond dresser
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