Sell Carbide Razor Slitting Knives for the cutting of Corrugated board

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Tungsten Carbide Razor Slitting Knives / Circular knives

Product Description:
Using the lastest technologies and materials, Eovak's Solid carbide circular knives are high performance products. Eovak pressing and sintering carbide circular disc blanks and then grinding them into circular knives in a roof. This kind of Carbide Razor slitting knives is specially manufactured for Corrugated board industry, Which made of sub-micron carbide grade. Our Carbide Razor Slitting Knives are precision made to a high standard, with specially ground finish and bevel. Compared with the high speed steel circular knives, it can perform high speed cutting, with a high machining efficiency, accurate slitting and good surface finish.

Density: 14.0~14.4 g/cm3
Hardness: HRA 89-91.5
Bending strength: 200-280 kg/mm2

We have two ways of sintering, one is General sintering and the other is treated with HIP. Circular knives treated with HIP will enjoy a longer life time by 15% to 20%, and a good stabablity than General sintered knives.

Our carbide circular knives can be manufactured with or without pinholes or keyways, according to customer's requirements.

Carbide Razor Slitting Knives manufactured by Eovak provide the optimum combination of:
- Maximum total tool life
- Much safe and aviod of broken in production
- Maximum cutting and production speeds
- Maximum precision and finish of cut
- Maximum resistance to abrasion
- Minimum cost per unit of production obtained from knives

Product Specification/Model
Following is some sizes we usually make, other sizes are available upon customer's requirements.
1. 210W110W1.4
2. 225W110W1.4
3. 230W130W1.4
4. 240W32W1.2---2W7.5
5. 250W140W1.5
6. 260W140W1.5
7. 260W158W1.6---8W11
8. 260W160W1.7---6W10
9. 270W170W1.7---8W11
10. 280W202W1.4---6W8
. . . . . .

Other Information
All Eovak's Carbide Razor Slitting Knives are made specifically to your order. Eovak will design carbide circular knives based on your job characteristics, or will produce circular knives to your tooling sketch or drawings.
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
12 days
Minimum Order Quantity
10 pcs