Sell Carbon Black

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Appearance : Black Power or Granular

Packing: 25 kgs in net bag, 16 mts in the 20FCL

Uses: Rubber Industry, such as Tyres, Cable, Tape, etc.

1. N660 suitable for various kinds of rubber; compare it with the semi-excess weld carbon black, it has higher structure, relatively thinner particle and it is apt to disperse in the sizing material; its crosslinked rubber has higher tensile strength, tearing toughness and extending stress, and it has small deformation, low generation of heat and good elasticity. It is mainly used in tire cord fabric, inner tube of tyre, bicycle, rubber tube, adhesive tape, cable, shoes, calendered goods, mouldings, etc.

2. N550 is suitable for the natural rubber and various kinds of synthetic rubber, exchanges the scattering , can entrust to higher sex very much of sizing material; easy to disperse; it can give the sizing material higher upright performance, it has fast extrusion rate, small orifice expansion and smooth extrusion surface. The crosslinked rubber has good high-temperature performance and heat conduction performance, its excess weld metal performance, elasticity and recoverability are also very good. It is mainly used in the tire cord fabric, tyre sidewall, inner tyre and extruded rubbers and calendered goods.

3. N330 is a kind of carbon black which has good excess weld metal performance, can give the micelle better original properties, tear resistance, wearability and elasticity. It is mainly used in the tire tread, cord fabric, tyre sidewall and various kinds of products of rubber industry.

4. N220 is suitable for various kinds of rubbers, the wearability is higher by 10%-20% than N330, can give the colloidal particle higher tensile strength and tearing toughness and also has certain electric conductivity. Mainly used in the tread rubber of the load carrying tyre and the rubber products which need high strength and high wearing resistance