Sell Carbon black

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We are Hangzhou Jinderui Chemical Co. Ltd, our company produce all grades of carbonblack, such as Especially black 1#, C311 HT900, HT75R, HT45R, HT35R and so on, these products can be applied in various fields such as printing ink, coating, paint, color mastbatch and so on. Many of the products can compete with the products of Deguss, Cabot, Columbia, Mitsubishi etc. Our main products are as follows:

Especially Black 1#, Especially Black 2#, C111: High blackness, apply in coatings systems which demand high blackness such as automotive paint, piano paint, refinish paint, motorcycle paint and so on.
C311 & C312: Apply in industrial coatings and powder coatings of middle and high grades. C311 also can apply in engineering plastics and colour masterbatch.
HT900: Outstanding blackness, high colouring strength, apply in high grade leather color paste.
HT900R: High blackness, mainly apply in toner, clorant and in high demand systems such as PU\PVC, toner, colour masterbatch.
HT85R: Apply in offset printing Ink, leather color paste.
HT75R: Apply in all sorts of offset printing ink , UV ink.
HT55R: Offset printing Ink, leather color paste,
HT45R: Silk seal, UV ink, toner, bluish, good dispersibility.
HT35R: Offset printing ink, waterborne ink, newspaper printing ink.
HT25R: Water ink, color paste, newspaper printing ink.