Sell Carbon fiber quartz heater tube

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Carbon Fiber Quartz Electric Heater is a new electric heating product applying carbon fiber as heating material and an ideal article for air and water heating in many fields of industry agriculture and others. Features
Energy saving CFQEH keeps working on a rated operating power and cannot produce in stantaneous larger power when switch on and off , so it has the advantage of energy saving for heating uniformity , rapid heat-up response and 98% electric heating transfer ratio of carbon fiber.
Long service life: 6000 hours
Health-care Carbon fiber emits infrared ray of 8-14 micron which can be almost absorbed by human body, so resonance forms between atom and molecule of cell inside human body. All of these can make a high temperature of skin and hypodermis to warm body and achieve aims such as renewing physical force , speeding blood circulation , promoting metabolism and improving immune function of human body etc.
We can also design and produce carbon fibre heating tubes according to the needs of customers on operating voltage, power, size, length etc.