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Sun Power thermo film is extra fine (0.4 mm) polymer film which radiate from its surface far infrared rays (wave length is 5-20 5m) . Radiator is carbon mixture which connected to the copper-silver conductors with alternative current of 220V. Carbon conductors sealed into transparent polyethylene film.
Thermal conductivity of hydrocarbon fiber is much higher compare to other analogues used in heating systems. This characteristic allows achieving more thermal efficiency with less energy consumption.
Sun Power heating film is produced using nanotechnology which makes it possible to change the characteristics of ordinary materials at a micro level. The unit of measurement is bicron (one billionth of meter) and this enables the manipulation of the smallest material substance  atoms and molecules. In our case with application of nanotechnology higher degree of infra red rays (90%) and anions radiation from carbon conductor surface.
Brand Name
Sun Power
Minimum Order Quantity
1500 linear meters