Sell Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

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Simple introduction:

The machine units have the three- function of washer, filler and capper in one body, adopting full automation in production process. The machine unit makes by high quality stainless steel, key parts are machined on NC tool. The machine unit uses advanced photoelectric detection technology to detect each part's operation condition: No bottle no filling, no bottle no capping. Human- computer interface operational screen make it automation.

It is ideal equipment for bottling carbonated beverage such as carbonated water, cola, carbonated wine.


1. Compact structure, good looking, easy to operation, high automation and low labor intensity.

2. Adopt air transportation and star wheel technology to load bottles into 3-in-in unit. Replacing bottle loading screw rod and transportation chain, it make change different bottle easily.

3. All the parts of bottle transportation in three-in-one units adopt bottle clamping technology. When change the different bottles, it doesn't need to adjust the height of equipment, only for Changing the parts which are relative to diameter of bottle, . Such as Arc guide plate, star wheel.

4. Special designed bottle clamp for bottle washing machine are bearing and duration, no contact with the screw part of bottle, avoiding the second pollution.

5. The parts which direct to contact with material are made of stainless steel, no process dead corner and easy to cleaning.

6. Adopts diaphragm regulating valve to control the flow volume and keep small fluctuation and assure the bottling precision.

7. Valve opening mechanism drives by cylinder. Open valve reliably and accurately according the signal that if it has bottle.

8. High flow and precision bottling valve bottle quickly and no liquid waste.

9. Equip with complete CIP circulation and control program.

10. Sealing heads adopt Magnetic and constant torquer, keeping good sealing quality and no to damage cap.

11. Adopts high efficiency cap sorting and supplying