Sell Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

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IM-CEL LV Low Viscosity Grade Polymer
Viscosity and Filtration Control Aid for Water Based Drilling Fluids.
IM-CEL LV Carboxy methyl cellulose is an effective additive for reducing the A. P. I. filtration rate in most water based drilling fluids.
IM-CEL LV provides no appreciable increase in mud viscosity and provides a cost
Effective means of improving water based drilling fluid performance.
IM-CEL LV is applicable in the following general types of fluid systems
- Freshwater muds
- Seawater muds
- Saltwater muds (up to and including saturation)
- KCl muds
- Solids free brine (NaCl and KCl
- Native muds
IM-CEL LV may be used efficiently in the indicated types of fluid to:
- Reduce the filtration rate of the fluid
- No effect on fluid rheology, can be added to improve fluid loss in mud with already high viscosity
- Coat and encapsulate cuttings and solids in the drilling fluid, thereby inhibiting the swelling and
Disintegration of water sensitive solids
- Improve the character and consistency of wallcake, thereby reducing the potential for stuck pipe.