Sell Card Reader Cleaning Card

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This is a standard cleaning card for common card reader, such as POS Card Readers, Credit/Debit Card Readers, Swipe ATMs, IC card reader, Pay phone, Access control, ID access&Time clock, Hotel door lock, Gas station, transit card reader, PVC card printers etc.

Description and Features:
This cleaning card can safely and effectively remove all dirt, magnetic oxides and other contaminants from all types of concealed magnetic heads. As you know, card brings some dirt , sweat and other pollution during it's using, at the same time, card readers also are polluted in air at long using , This cleaning card will help you solve all these problems.
This is a double-side pre-saturated cleaning card. Its hardness is suitable for holding and swiping the card readers.
The cleaning layer is a kind of non-woven fabric with high absorptivity, It can absorb abundant cleaning solution.
The cleaning solution contains high pure IPA.

Material: white nonwoven fabric/plastic core
Dimension(inch) : 2.1(+/-0.04) W3.345(+/-0.04)
Dimension(mm) :53.34(+/-1.0) W84.96(+/-1.0)
Thickness(inch) :0.036(+/-0.002) , 0.033(+/-0.002) , 0.03(+/-0.002)
Thickness(mm) :0.92(+/-0.05) , 0.84(+/-0.05) , 0.76(+/-0.05)
Solution: IPA 99.9%
Volume: 3ml(+/-0.5)