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CardScan is a desktop device thatquickly and accurately scans the printed information from business cardsinto the correct fields of a powerfully searchable, highlycompatibleelectronic address book. In seconds, CardScan enters more cards thanyoucould type in hours. Then, over 50 powerful software features helpyousearch, sort, and use that contact information more efficiently.

Imagine all of your business cards in one very powerful system. Need toconfirma meeting? You find the contact's business card on your computerinstantly along with the notes you wrote on the back. Click on theemail address, and apre-addressed email pops up. Click on the streetaddress, and Mapquest givesyou directions to your meeting.

CardScan brings business cards into the digitalage. You'll be amazedat how much more productive that makes you. No wonder PCMagazine gaveCardScan their highest five-star rating. And Corey Greenburg ofNBC'sToday show calls it a "must-have organizing miracle. "

Arevolution in contact productivity. The real genius of CardScan is howitsaves time you didn't even know you were wasting, in ways you didn'tknow werepossible. Let's say you only remember a few letters of anaddress or phonenumber. CardScan still finds your contact quickly. Itsyncs to other contactmanagers and portable devices, and makes yourrecords Web-accessible. CardScaneven keeps your records updated.

Easy to order, install, and use. CardScan is soeasy to install anduse, it makes you more productive the very day it arrives. We'veconfigured CardScan to meet the needs of every business, fromon-the-roadsalespeople, to small offices, to Fortune 500 enterprises. And it grows easily, as your contact management needs grow.

Forthe first time, realize the potential in your most valuable resource:the contacts you've spent a career building. Get productive. GetCardScan.


Outlook, ACT!, Notes, GoldMine, Palm, Windows Mobile Devices, smart phones

CardScan Features

* Works with Microsoft Outlook, ACT!*, Lotus Notes, GoldMine*, Palm OS, smart phones, Windows Mobile devices
* CardScan included (Web access and online backup)
* AccuCard service included (Keeps contact info up to date)
* Expandable for multiple users
* Our fastest scanner
* Full color scanning