Sell Card park control system

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In common IC card parking lot management system applied,  out the card machine from the read type install for its standard. Can also take to speak, the speech, Chinese manifestation, ground feels etc. function. Take automatic to out the card machine the main entering for the temporary car but design, have no to need the artificial hair card, press to move the front panel out card button then automatic hair card, complete to read the card at the same time with open the barrier
Main parameter:
7High degree: 132cm breadth: 48cm
front and back: 48 cm
7The card of IC reads the card
distance: 10cm-10m
7communication connects: RS-485
7Power supply: AC220V+10%-20%
7The biggest and temporary card
7places the deal: 180 pieces
7Taking off machine data saves to
measure 500, Blacklist: 40
7Work environment temperature:
-25 degree~60 degree
7Opposite degree of humidity in
work: Smaller 95%
7Remarks: The inner part installs
7primarily: The parking lot of
JS675 controls the plank (take
the speech to feels with the
ground part) , JS6724 Chinese
LED manifestation plank, JS581
from the temporary card in read
type hair card machine, to speak
the extension