Sell Carding Sets

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Suitable for the processing of :

- new or reclaimed animal fibres.
- reclaimed natural fibres.
- synthetic and artificial fibres.

to produce hosiery, weaving, carpets, blanket yarns, etc.

Working width from 2000 mm to 3500 mm.

The carding sets can be produced with 2 - 3 - 4 carding groups according to the raw material to process and to the yarn count required.
The hopper feeder can be supplied with traditional or electronic basket.
The condenser unit is produced with single or double rubber sleeves, with single small tape or with one small tape for each end.
The tape condenser columns are suitable for high speed.
The web tension is controlled by independent electric motors.
A display on the electric board visualizes the metric count produced and the speed of the different units.

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