Sell Cardiovascular System Pharmaceuticals

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Indapamide tablets 2.5mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Enalapril maleate Tab. USP23 5mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Captopril Tab. BP98 25mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Propranolol Tab. BP98 40mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Propranolol Tab. BP98 40mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Cinnarizine Cap. BP 25mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Mannitol injection 250ml:50g 30bottle/carton

Spironolactone Tab. BP 25mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Furosemide Tab USP24 40mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Frusemin inj. CP2000 10mg/1ml 10vial/tray,10tray/box,40box/carton

Methyldopa tabs. USP24 250mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Citicoline and Glucose injection 200ml:0.5g 24bottle/carton

Glycerol and Fructose Injection 250ml 30bottle/carton

Isosorbide dinitrate Cap. BP 10mg,20mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Betahistini Hydrochloride and Sodium Chloride Infusion 500ml 20bottle/carton

Pentoxifylline injection 250ml:0.1g 30bottle/carton

Nifedipine coated Tab. BP 10mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Nitrendipine Tab. BP 20mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Quinine sulfate tablets USP26 300mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Amiodarone HCL Tab. BP 200mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box

Digoxin Tab. BP98 250mg 1000s/tin,10W10s/box
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