Sell Cards Vending Machine

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Prepaid Card Vending Machine ; TCN card vending machine, Phone cards Vending machine, Vending machine

Mutual Features for TCN cards vendor:

Sells kind of cards such as phone cards, IC cards, mobile SIM cards and so on. Floor stands type.

Choose the card kind you want by touch screen or keypad, then the machine will lead you how to buy, pay the money and take the cards.

Thickness for cards no request, because TCN use self-developed card slots can adjust for sell all kinds thickness cards. No spring column card channel. (Photo for TCN card slots will supply upon request. )

With Printer: Receipt printer and invoice printer.

Computer configurations: C4 2.6G Processor, Hard disc 160G, 1G DDR

Data Report: vending card number, value, vending card per day/month/year for each channel.

Self check function: when there is no card in slot, the machine will be locked its function till put the cards again.

OEM and ODM orders are welcomed.

After connected to the electrical, the machine checks itself automatically, without
any error, all direction lights get off and the machine waits to work.

When no card in the column, the machine waits for card and WARNING on screen: Card must be replenishment, please choose other items and at the same time the machine enter the state of motor testing to test the slots, leave the state when the cards can get out smoothly or refuse receive money if still no find any cards can be sell. )

When in put new cards, just take cards together and input cards slot together, machine will clear up them automatically, put card one by one like spring column card channel is unnecessary.

Routine works for machine:

1) . Check the columns and the machine often (Must clean the note reader sensor regularly

with liquor-dipped pure cotton cloth only under the state of power off, and returns to work only

after the machine is dry)

2) . Do not move the machine around and not hit the machine when completely assembled.

3) . Keep card exists and note reader hole open and smooth.

4) . Only technicians are allowed to dismantle the machine

Features & Benefits: card vending machine TCN-408

Accept other country's currency in all kinds of denomination.
Auto-Identify Money.
Have function of exception handles and show the exact fault.
Show the statistic of card quantity sold out, total sold amount of the machine.
Have voice directions for every step you take.
The machine has invoice printer.
Have safe guide function when power outage.
Show the amount of bill received.


Width: 600mm

Depth : 340mm

Height:: 1600 mm

Weight: 176.4 lbs. /80KG

Card Type available: 12 types

Power: 110V-260 VAC @ 0.1 amps

Card depth: no limit
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Warranty Coverage
12 months