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We can design and offer the products( Cargo Trailer, Cargo Van, Dump Truck, Explosion Proof Van, Insulated Van, Refrigerated Van and Storehouse Bar Truck . etc. ) according to your request. Please be free to contact me if you want more information about the products or the company.
The structure of truck body is enclosed and the main materials of body are color coated sheet, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, profiled steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, glass reinforced plastic sheet . etc. The structure of the truck box is made of press part and metal welded, which assure our vehicles firm and durable, and have large loading capacity; The surface of body has been treated through pickling and phosphorization, with features of good corrosion-resistance and stainless for long periods; The sealing of box is proved excellent through strict rain test; The long wheel-base boxes have side doors, and back double door, which is easy for loading and unloading; the vehicles with double cabinets and front part extruded body can store irregular-shaped products and service tools. The conception of design is trying to make the truck body more light, reasonable, beautiful and convenient. Our vehicles are rain-protective, dust- proofing, and steal-protective. They are the most ideal vehicles of transportation in many fields. The vehicles especially designing for explosive materials transportation have been through the appraisement of National Defense Science and Technology Industry Committee, inspections of National Quality Control & Inspection Center for Automobiles.