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In a multitiude of shapes and widths the aluminium tile carpet cover strip is designed to join two adjacent and distinct floorings such as tile flooring and laminate flooring by enabling smooth, elegant and neat transitions and covering the gap between them; hiding unsightly floor joints when to edge joining is not possible.

The cover strip for invisible screws also compenstates slight level differences and is installed with special screws. Some other cover strips may be supplied with counter sink holes that permit a smooth fixing of the screws.

The aluminium tile carpet transition sloped cover strip to join the sloped edges of two distinct floors such as tile flooring and laminate flooring . The unpleasant look of the level difference disappears, smooth transition and walking safety is made sure. Depending on the model the sloped cover strip is installed either with screws, adhesive or adhesive tape.

The " Z " tile carpet transition reducer is fitted to allow smooth transition between diverse adjoining floors of slight level difference. The teeth at the lower edge of the Z , dual edge or single edge carpet end trim ensures a tighter grip on the carpet.

The grooved or ridged surface adds a non slip characteristic to all the transition profiles.
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5.000 pcs
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