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Product name: Cartap
Chemical name: Carbamic acid, thio- S, S- [2- (dimethylamino) trimethylene] ester, Monohydrochloride
Molecular formula: C7H16N3O2S2Cl
Molecular weight: 273.81
CAS No. : 15263-53-3
Property: White-color fine crystal powder, Melting Point 179-181 C, Solubility is 200g/L in 25 water, silightly soluble in methanol and ethanol, hardly soluble in organic solvents like acetone, benzene, etc. Stable under acid condition, easy to decompose under neutral and alkali condition.
Uses: Cartap has been characterized as high-effectiveness, low-toxicity and low-residue. It's highly effective in preventing and eliminating pests of Lepidoptera and Elytrum. It can be applied for preventing and eliminating Snout Moth's larva series, cabbage caterpillar in rice field, sugarcane field. It can be mix formulated with other pesticides.
Specification: Cartap 98% Tech
Package: 25kgs/bag