Sell Cartoon Self-Adhesive Elastic Bandage

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1. Non-woven material, Soft yet strong fabrics
2. Nature latex coating which give adhesive properties.
3. Conveniently hand tear
4. Water resistant. Non-loosen as it sweats
5. Length and width can be made as required
6. Various colors available (check from color display on previous page! )
7 Any Cartoon characters can be made as required (e. G. , Mickey Mouse, Donald ducks. . . Etc. . . )

1. Air permeable, skin-friendly, non-slip, therefore ideal for dressings on contoured body parts
2. Protects primary dressings---
3. Provide controlled compression
Purpose for use (please consult a doctor before use)
1. Securing pads and dressings.
2. Pressure bandage to promote circulation and healing
3. Compression bandage for hemostasis, varicosity, edema control
4. Sprains and strains
5. Post-operatively leg wrap
6. veterinary use