Sell Carvacrol

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Product categories: essence & flavor
Molecular Formula: C10H14O
CAS: 499-75-2
appearence: Colorless to faint yellow thick liquid, be dissolved in alcohol and ether easily and be dissolved in water scarcely.
content: 95%
packaging: 25, 50kg/t
Details: Used for preparing spice, disinfectant and disinfection, the spice to used for daily necessities, such as toothpaste and soap. . . etc, and also used to edible fragrance extract, food additive, Feed additive, Antioxidant, insect medicinal preparation, Antiseptic, Escapes the taste medicinal preparation, pharmaceutical material intermediate. In the storage vault center specially in has the air to have under illumination the color gradually to change color. Finally may turn the Soy sauce color.