Sell Cascade Glue Unit(PL)

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1) Controllable ribbons tensile, changeable each
ribbon's pressure, largely improves the
evenness of applying adhesive and the
controllability of the ribbons strength
2) Automatic-cyclically applied adhesive, saves
labor, improves efficiency
3) Each ply uses a glue pot, pulls ribbons in a
signal row, reduces the contacted area
between ribbons and the mandrel and the
friction between the ribbon and the tube,
improves the output
4) Angle adjusting assembly with power, more
convenient and easier, improves the
productivity and saves labor
5) Pulls the ribbons transversely, convenient,
6) Easy to operate
7) Changeable glue pot and tensile board
8) Easily cleans the adhesive pipe, avoids
storage, easily changes the adhesive

1) Power of angle adjusting machinery: 1.1kW x 2
2) Power of adhesive pump machinery: 1.5kW x 1
3) Power of heater of the glue tank: 4.5kW
4) Dimensions: 3100 x 2280 x 1200mm