Sell Cassia Bark Extract / Cassia Twig Extract

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Model No. : CCB
Product Name: Cassia Bark P. E. / Cassia Twig P. E.
Plant Origin: Cinnamomum cassia Presl
Extract Ratio: 10:1

Cinnamon bark is famous for its warming qualities and as a Yang tonic. When used with other sexual tonics, Cinnamon bark can greatly enhance their actions, and they in turn enhance Cinnamon's sexual tonic actions.

1. Cassia or Chinese cinnamon is a warming and strengthening herb traditionally used to support conditions associated with cold, congestion and energy deficiency.
2. Cinnamon acts as a tonic to the whole system to stimulate circulation, enhance the immune system and improve sexual health. It is used to improve circulation to the lower body in formulas that treat impotence, premature ejaculation, cold and weak legs, and backache.
3. It is frequently combined with Yin and Yang Essence tonic herbs and with Qi tonics to build energy and to fire up sexual energy.