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Metal filler compositions based on manganese and nickel for the welding of cast iron are disclosed. The filler composition preferably contains about 15 to 50% manganese and 15 to 35% nickel. The filler compositions may be incorporated into a welding rod for Shielded Metal Arc (SMA) or into the welding wire for Gas Metal Arc (GMA) welding or added as metal powders in Flux Cored Arc (FCA) or submerged Arc (SA) welding. The compositions are particularly useful for welding gray and ductile (nodular) cast irons.

EZC 2.00/4.00 0.75 2.5/6.5  Balance 0.10 0.15 Used for general repair welding of grey cast iron.

EZNi-1 2.00 1.00 2.50 90 8 0.30  1.00 Used for repair welding of grey cast iron sheet.

EZNiFe-1 2.00 1.80 2.50 45/60 Balance 0.030  1.00 Used for repair welding high-hardness grey cast iron and graphite cast iron.

EZNiCu-1 1.00 2.50 0.80 60/70 6 0.025  Cu24~35 Used for repair welding grey cast iron with lower hardness.
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