Sell Cast Resin Dry-type Transformers

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Features of the products:
*High mechanical strength
*Excellent short-circuit resistance
*Extremely low partial discharge
*Excellent insulation level and excellent in withstanding lightning impulse
*Excellent heat radiation and can working at 150% rated load at status of forced air cooling (AF)
*Free of maintenance
*Flame-proof, explode-proof and no pollution
*Good moisture-proof ability, can work in environment with 100% relative humidity
*Compact dimensions with small weight
*Can be switched on without pre-drying and intermittent
*Service without dewetting treatment

Brief specifications:
Power capacity: 30~10000kVA
Voltage level:
1) Rated High voltage: 33(35) kV, Rated low voltage: 20kV, 11(10.5, 10, 6.0, 6.3) kV, 0.4(0.38, 0.69) kV
2) Rated High voltage: 20kV, Rated low voltage: 11(10.5, 10, 6.0, 6.3) kV, 0.4(0.38, 0.69) kV
3) Rated High voltage: 11(10.5, 10, 6.0, 6.3) kV, Rated low voltage: 0.4(0.38, 0.69) kV
Type of voltage regulation: Off-circuit
Phases: 3 or Single
Vector Group: Yyn0, Dyn11
Cooling method: AN or AF
Insulation class: F or H
Insulation level: 10kV LI75AC35/AC3; 35kV LI170AC70/AC3

Power plants, hospitals, residential areas, airports, railways, plants, shopping malls etc.

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