Sell Caster Wheels

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We manufacture UHMWPE Wheels of sizes 2 inch. to 12 in. diameter as well as rollers of all sizes for pallet trucks for all kinds of material handling. Our UHMWPE wheels are much better than PP, PE or other polymer wheels as they are self-lubricating, have the highest impact strength (un-breakable) and have three times the load capacity of other PP/PE wheels. They are made from special grade Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene(UHMWPE) . We also supply with non-detachable Cast iron Hub molded in side the wheel. We also provide ball bearings (optional) or grooves for ball bearing. We can supply wheels made from virgin powder as well as reprocessed UHMWPE powder. They are available in Red, black, maroon and white(virgin material) colors.
Unique Features:
Light in weight
Highest impact strength
Self lubricating
Very high load carrying capacity.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
40,000 wheels per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Model Number