Sell Casting Film Machines (SLY-A/B)

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Applications: CPP, CPE, CPET, CPVB, Voluble film, Stationery film, etc.
Mechanic speed: 180m/min, 300m/min
Web width 2500mm to 4500mm
Screw size: CPP-#100#180#100
Three layers' structure: A/B/C(1: 3: 1)
Thickness: 0.02 to 0.1mm
Thickness tolerance: Less than 1 4%
Rewind O. D. : 1100mm,
Extrusion volume: 620kg/h, 1000kg/h
Extrusion unit with optimum design screw, imported vector inverter
Dual column filter exchange device, assure non-stop filter exchange
Multi-extrusion distributor, adjusting interval by setting layer thickness ratio
Web width automatic T-die, assure film thickness tolerance and stable quality