Sell Casting and Forging

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We are exporting hot drop forgings from the range of 0.5 Kilograms to 60 Kilograms single piece. Our product quality is assured and is favored by some of the worlds largest OES (Original Equipment Suppliers) . Manufacture of carbon alloy steel and stainless steel closed die steel forgings in the weight range of 0.5Kg to 60Kg.

Finishing processes that include heat treatment, annealing, normalizing, hardening and tampering.

Various types of other parts, as per the buyer requirements, are manufactured from Graded Cast Iron, Investment Casting, S. G. Iron, Malleable Cast Iron, Gunmetal, Bronze, Brass, Aluminum, Malleable Zinc, Etc types of materials.

Wide range of Chrome Plated fittings, Electrical fittings & Sanitary fittings are offered in casting & forging in Brass & Bronze materials with accuracy & finishing as per the International Standards