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We can offer different kinds of Catalyst, Protect (safeguard ) catalyst .
1) a. Hydroconversion catalyst b. PT Zinc Oxide desulfurizer c. HR reforming Pre-hydrogenation catalyst
2) a. HT guard catalyst for environmental protecting b. NH3decomp catalyst
c. CR sulfur recovery catalyst etc.
AD-946 ammonia decomposing catalyst
1. Introduction to the product
WH-AD-946 ammonia decomposing catalyst consists of the alkaline oxide carrier under the high-temperature calcinations, on which the active Ni and the other accessory ingredients is loaded. For this product, there are much higher catalytic activity, better heat stability, well mechanical strength and good resistant properties of poisoning or coking. It is mainly utilized in the oven gas purifying and in the ammonia decomposing furnace, Klause oven, which can decompose the poisonous gases, such as NH3, HCN into N2, H2, CO2 thoroughly. Thus, it can efficiently resolve such problems as the oven gas purifying, the recovery apparatus corroding and the environmental polluting.
This product has been utilized by lots of enterprises, such as the steel works of Handing, Kunming and Linyi, and all showed that it has good effects. Further, it has passed the experts
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