Buy Category 2 - Hard winter Wheat (US) or equivalent

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We are looking to buy Wheat and considering anything better than the following spec with a competitve price per tone deliverable to Egypt.
Payment: Fully funded letter of credit in US Dollars.

Target price below $190/ton

1. Test Wight Min 76/K/H
2. Moisture Max 13% with deduction from the contract price 1:1 over 12%
3. Protein Min 10% 11% min. 12% moisture base
4. Dockage Max 1% Considering that wheat must be completely free from cotton seeds
5. Damaged Kernels Max 4%
6. Heat Damaged Max 0.2%
7. Foreign Materials Max 1%
8. Shrunken and Broken Kernels Max 5%

Total Defects of 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + Max 5%

Free from diseases and pests that render it unfit from human consumption
fully matured with natural odour and from the latest crop, Sound and fit for milling for human consumption
Free from fungus and insects infestation of all kinds.
free from Syrian swan seeds, Rhoeas and Hemp seeds.
Total percentage of poisonous grass seeds not exceed 0.1% provided that Agrostema and Saponaria seeds not exceed 10 seeds in 500 grams.
Residue of insecticides and mycotoxins will be within the permissible international limitation.

Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Minimum Order Quantity
25,000 MT
Terms of Payment