Sell Cavitation System

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Slender iThin liposuction device uses ultrasound cavitation effect, to cause tons of air bubbles around lipocyte(fat cell) membranes with its resonant frequency, the bubbles will cause high press, and when the high prssure has reached lipocytes(fat cell) breaking point, the lipocytes membrane will break up instantly. The broken lipocytes will then absorbed and metabolized out of human body by Lymphatic system. Dont like the traditional method to lose water in body. Slender iThin actually lose lipocytes!

1. Digital frequency control system, energy output evenly and precisely!
2. 5.7 inch color touch screen, better customer-machine interface
3. non-intrusive treatment without anaesthesia or wounds, eaily get rid of the tough hard fat tissue
4. 20 minutes a treatments, no downtime!Zero impact to your job or study!
5. No pain, no cut, no side-effects!
6. No rebond! Apparent long-last result!

Display: 5.7 inch color touch screen
Max output: 100w
Frequency: 40Hz
Power supply: 110/220V+10%60Hz6A
Dimension: 45x35x20cm
Net Weight: 10Kg