Sell Ceftriaxone Sodium Sterile

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We are a leading manufacturer of third-generation cephalosporins in China. We offer both finished formulations and API.

At present, we are in a position to supply the following pharmaceutical raw material:

Ceftriaxone Sodium Sterile

Molecular formula: C18H16N8O7S3. Na2.3.5 H2O
Molecular weight: 661.6
CAS registry no. : 104376-79-6

Application This quality produced by sterile crystallization is suitable for aseptic filling into vials, bottles or other delivery systems using any customary machine. A clear solution for injection is produced by adding water for injection.

Antibiotic category Third generation Cephalosporin for parenteral use

Packaging See "Packaging & Shipping"

Storage Store below 250C,
Protect from light and moisture

Shelf life 36 months

Appearance white to yellowish, crystalline powder
Specific optical rotation -1550 to -1700 1)
Particulate matter not more than particle level 5
Water content
(Karl Fischer) 8.0  11.0 %
Clarity of solution clear (not more than 3.0 NTU)
Color of solution not more intensely colored than Y5 or BY5
pH-value 6.0  8.0
(USP) sterile
Bacterial endotoxins

Pharmacopoeial quality USP, BP,