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Aluminum veneer network metal factory
RENOXBELL metal processing factory introduces a series of close numerical metal equipments including Japanese ASIA AS computerized automatic numerical bending machine, and shearing machine jointly produced with SPS Company, American Miller argon welder, German SOYER stud welding machine and three-roller plate bender, aluminum bed, notching machine, angle clipper, pressure machine, etc. The technique process is shown as follows:

Metal processing technique process

Clip board blanking
Attack angle punch
) Molding (roller bending fold bending)
Nail fixation
Installing stiffener

BEND/CAM can simulate the bending CAM software chosen in the actual bending process with mould.

ASISIOOPCL network server system Web server unit processing data centralizing management and backup

Processing plan and actual achievement statistics
It can fulfill concessive step processing and also multi-variety small amount production, thus greatly reducing mould preparation time
Network tool system

The largest size of Taiwan Tailift numerical punch processing aluminum veneer is 1500mm*4980mm, applicable for curtain wall veneer complicated profiled processing and dealing with high precision metal processing requirement, thus greatly improving RENOXBELL curtain wall aluminum veneer processing ability, and making RENOXBELL aluminum veneer more competitive.

AS numerical bending machine is the intelligent numerical bending machine produced by Japan ASIA and SPS Company, numerical computer is Swiss CYBELEC color simulation image DNC880 system +numerical five-roller X. Y1. Y2. R. V(disturbance compensation roller) AS numerical equipment makes RENOBELL metal factory more network like.

Tpical thickness:2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm
RENOXBELL has awarded such honors as ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, Green Building Materials, Guangdong Province Famous Trade Mark, Project Listed in National Torch Program, China Famous and Quality Aluminum-Plasticized Composite Plate Brand, China Building Decoration Famous and Quality Brand. . . and the sales network of the company covers the big, middle and small cities in China.
Brand Name
Alyoa Renoxbell
Supply Capacity
10000Sequare Meters
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100Sequare Meters