Sell Ceiling Light

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Product Features
* The cover is the foggy dust-resist case processed with the imported PMMA materials. The cover is slim and equal, having the functions of the deeply light, well-distributed light output, glare control and nearsighted prevention.
* The precise tray protuberance structure makes the ballast as well as the tube keep specified space with the wall, thus have the functions of spreading heat, fire-retardant and stabilization. The unique dust-and-insect-proof design prevents the dust, insects and etc from getting into the lampshade, thus to keep the lamps clean and bright.
* The elegant, bright and characteristic pattern designs can meet requirement of different customers.

* widely applicable to homes(living room, bedroom, children room, kitchen, terrace, hallway, toilet and etc. ) , engineering (meeting room, hotel, guest room, hallway, office and etc. ) .