Sell Cell Phone Keypad/silicone keypad

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Made by top grade silicone rubber, environmental safe material, non-toxic,
smooth feel, excellent transmission. The hardness of silicone rubber can be
graded between 30 to 70 shore A. suggested hardness for silicone rubber
keypads is 40 to 60 shore A depending on customers' requirement.

-. Crystal keypads are hard wearing and the numbers do not rub off
-. Suitable for use with original or unbranded phone covers
- . Great value
- . Gives your mobile phone a distinctive new look
- . Add a new keypad to one of our phone covers for a whole new look

Bh-1000, bth2, bth3, bth4, bth-70, bth-850,
Bth-v6, bth-v8, btw-5018, btw-5018a,
Quiklin 3202, k600, nae-002, nae-003,
Nae-004, nae-008, nae-009, pbh-3w,