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The RPT 1900 and RPT 900 Cell Phone Repeaters significantly improves the performance of any 800MHz or 1900MHz cell phone on any wireless operators network.

Telcosat epeaters are an intelligent high gain bi-directional amplifier that will:

 Provide simultaneous coverage for CDMA, GSM, TDMA, 1xRTT, and EVDO signals in one repeater.
 In the Wide Band mode provide simultaneous access to all cell phone carriers in your area in the frequency band.
 In the Band Selective mode only provide access to a specific cell phone carrier in your area.
 Automatically sense the incoming signal power level and automatically adjust the output power to the required level sufficient to communicate with the cell tower.
 Provide the ability to remotely monitor the health of the Repeater.
 Provide the ability to remotely change certain parameters.

 Significantly increase the range of your cell phone
 Works wirelessly with multiple cell phones
 Cell site friendly design
 FCC and Industry Canada type approved
 Telcosat is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and designer for all of our products. We do not use off shore manufacturing.
 Highly reliable design and construction that is proven to work in the freezing cold of a Canadian winter as well as the heat and humidity of a Nigerian summer.
 Designed for easy deployment into a mobile, semi mobile or permanent installation.
 Amplifier protection in case the antenna is disconnected with the repeater switched on.
 3G compatible.
 Access for all the regular features normally available on your phone.
 Made in Canada.

 Your cell phone is NOT connected by a cable
 Receives and rebroadcasts better than your cell phone
 Significantly improves voice and data quality
 Multiple cell phones can use the repeater at the same time
 Removes cell phone dead zones
 Extends cell phone battery life
 Reliable design and construction means that you can install the repeater in extreme environments without the need to build a protective enclose.
 Can be quickly and easily set up and torn down for rapid deployment type scenarios.
 If you call Telcosat about any of our products you will get direct access to the product designer and manufacturer and not through an intermediary sales person.

Additional Information
Broadcast distance for this repeater and any other cellular repeaters is dependent upon the received signal strength, the type of antenna connected to the repeater, and the local terrain. Requires minimum separation of 70 feet between the pick-up and coverage antenna.

Contact Telcosat if you have any questions on how far this repeater will broadcast in your environment.

Condition of Goods
15 x 16 x 12 inches
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
3 days
Power Requirements
28V dc or 90 - 260V ac
Warranty Coverage
2 years parts and labour
40 pounds