Sell Cell type frame cold bender

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Two mechanical arms can realize the following actions , clamp the proximate matter, horizontal hunting for incoming stock and return of material, vertical prebending and horizon bending, bend and straighten the proximate matter in vertical direction and vertical direction once.

Control effectively distortion in the bending progress. object of manufacture, flat bulb steel, unequal angle bar, T proximate matter, steel flat

Bend high quality of positive, anti positive and S shaped frame or other parts

The follow up gear is convenient for rebounding and incoming stock

Programme control and high semiautomation

Proprietary technology of this machine:

manipulator type feeding equipment. feeding mechanism is convenient for operating and save the labor power

bending assembly with middle frame. clearance of bending is adjustable, and the working range is large

adjustable vertical prebending leveling assembly. three dimensional bending to eliminate sidewise bending

flush bonding collet bending assembly for T proximate matter. middle grip mechanism is not complicated, visual space is large.