Sell Cellphone solar chargers

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1. Only bend over the solar energy , clean energy, environmental protection is fashionable , with low costs, the income is high.

2. Small and exquisite and light, easy to carry, feel well. The appearance is unique , exquisite in design. The streamlined one is combined softly and gracefully with lucid and lively resolute lines, there are protruding relief decorations of multi-layer level even more. Double voyage bright!

3. Can charges and uses at the same time in the sun , can also charge and store the sunlight first , and then use.

4. High light LED light, can make torch use at night.

5. Can make such personal electric apparatus chargers as cell-phones , etc. to install on the battery at the same time, can propose only charging 2 5 #s or 2 batteries No. 7 each time as using for 5 #s and charger that is charged of hydrogen battery of nickel No. 7 specially another. Can change the nickel hydrogen battery at will .

6. Exchange and charge the socket, support the alternating current to be charged and charged two kinds of efficiency with the sunlight.

7. The size of appearance: 150*44*22.5MM

8. Built-in battery: But the customer of rechargeable battery (1.2V ) can put and change 2 5 #s or nickel hydrogen No. 7 at will .

9. Output the voltage: 5.7V

10. Export the electric current: 600mA

11. Solar cell : 5.5V/100MA