Sell Cement Clinker 2,400,000 MT Special Offer

Cement Clinker 2,400,000 MT Special Offer You May Also Be Interested In: cement and clinker cement clinker clinker
Contract quantity total: 2.400.000 MT - 12 X 200.000 MT

Price and Payment:
USD 55,00 CIF/ASWP per ton, payment DLC/RDLC.
USD 50,00 CIF/ASWP per ton, payment FFDLC.
USD 48,00 CIF/ASWP per ton, payment BG/SBLC.
TOP 25 World Banks.

Origin of Cement Clinker:
Ukraine, Indonesia, Russia, India, China (Seller's Option)
Proof of Product (POP) will be exchanged through banks with Proof of Funds (POF) .
Please send us your LOI as per our suggested format, must be on Buyer's company letterhead, duly signed, stamped or sealed along with a fresh issued (not older than 5 banking days) BCL.

1. Buyer sends LOI + BCL or LOI with complete banking coordinates with permission for a soft probe through bank.
2. Seller issues Draft Contract / FCO
3. Buyer accepts and signs the Draft Contract / FCO.
4. Hard Contract copies are exchanged
5. Buyer issue Non-Operative L/C.
6. Seller activates L/C with 2% PB.
7. Shipments start.

Without LOI & BCL we can not continue. PLEASE DO NOT INSIST.


Dr Sophia Stavropoulou