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May 29, 2006


Commodity: Ordinary Grey Portland cement (O. P. C)
Grade: Grade 42.5 (standard DIN EN 196, BSS 12/1996 or ASTM C-150)
Origin: Ukraine or Russia
Destination ports: ASWP (non USD sanctioned port)
Inspection: By SGS or equivalent at loading port.
Discharge rate: Twelve hundred (1,200) MT WWD minimum.
Delivery terms: CIF ASWP (non-USA sanctioned port) at the minimum rate of twelve thousand and five hundred (12,500) metric tons per vessel according to agreed shipping and discharge schedule.
Packaging: Bulk and or 50 kg bags.
Shipping: Shall begin thirty to forty five (30-45) days or better after receipt and confirmation of an operative financial instrument acceptable to the seller.
Specifications: BS 12/96, ASTM C-150, DIN EN 196
Formula Typical Analysis
SiO2 Silicon Dioxide 21 %
Al2O Aluminum Oxide 5.30 %
Fe2O3 Ferric Oxide 3.30 %
CaO Calcium Oxide 65.60 %
MgO Magnesium Oxide 1.10 %
SO3 Sulphur Trioxide 2.70 %
LOI Loss Of Ignition 0.90 %
C3A Tricalcium Aluminates 8.05 %
C3S Tricalcium Silicate 60.00 %
C2S Dicalcium Silicate 15.00 %
C4AF Tricalcium Aluminous Ferric 9.76 %
Blaine 3.250 Cm2/g
Autoclave Expansion (Le Chat) 0.02 Mm
Compressive Strength
3- Days 230 Kg/Cm2
7- Days 305 Kg/Cm2
28  Days 420 Kg/Cm2
Initial Setting Time (Vicat Test) 105 Min
Final Setting Time (Vicat Test) 135 Min

Price: For > 25,000 about USD 74/MT CIF ASWP
For > 50,000 about USD 73/MT CIF ASWP
For > 100,000 about USD 71/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 300,000 about USD 68/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 500,000 about USD 67/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 700,000 about USD 65/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 1,000,000 about USD 61/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 2,000,000 about USD 58/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 5,000,000 about USD 57/ MT CIF ASWP

Clinker Pricing: All clinker prices can be USD 2 MT CIF ASWP less than cement.

Payment: Fully Funded Documentary Letter of Credit for the full contract amount, payable at sight issued and/or confirmed by a top world bank.

PB: Two percent (2%) of the letter of credit value issued within ten (10) international banking days of receipt of operative financial instrument.

Validity: Until further notice, unless sold out before.

Proof of Product: Will be provided by seller after receipt of non-operative financial instrument acceptable to seller. We may provide also preliminary POP before signing the contract
a) Buyer issues LOI + BCL.
b) Seller issues signed FCO.
c) Buyer signs FCO and sends back to Seller.
d) Buyer and Seller sign the contract.
e) The Buyer within 5 banking days will forward the wording of the payment instrument via fax/e-mail to the Seller for approval.
f) Seller provides a preliminary POP (previous B/L and SGS) .
g) The Seller will give amendments/approval within 3 banking days.
h) Upon Receipt of the written confirmation from the Seller, within 5 banking days, the Buyers Bank will issue the Non-Operative LC.
i) Upon receipt of Buyers acceptable LC, Sellers Bank will guarantee 2% PB & a confirmation by the mill that the allocation is reserved to the buyer, which automatically will activate the non-operative LC
j) Start loading operation