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SOFT OFFER for Grey Portland Cement - OPC 32.5, 42.5 and 52.5

1. Commodity: Ordinary Portland Cement

2. Origin: Russia, Ukraine, or Sellers option.

3. Quality: OPC 32.5, 42.5 and 52.5 N/R Grades

4. Specification for Grey Portland Cement - OPC 42.5 R as per Standard: ASTM C-150 B. S STANDARD 12/1996

CEMENT 42.5 R : Chemical Composition
Examine data ControlRange
Silicon dioxide SiO3 21.0% 20 .0  23.0
Aluminum oxide Al2O3 5.30 % 4.5  6.0
Ferric oxide Fe2O3 3.30% 3.1  6.0
Magnesium oxide MgO 1.10 % 1.0  5.0
Sulphur trioxide SO3 2.70% 1.9  3.0
Tricalcium aluminate C3A 60 % 50.0  60.0
Los of Ignition (LOI)0.90 % 1.0  3.0
Calcium oxide CaO 65.60% 64.0  68.0
Decalcium silicate C2S 15.0% 15.0  25.0
Tricalcium aluminoferrice C4Af 9.76 % 8.5  10.5

CEMENT 42.5 R : Physical and Mechanical Properties
Blaine fineness m2/kg 360 300 - 380
Air Content 7.1 12
Vicat (Initial) Set Time 135 70 - 150
Vicat (Final) Set Time 210 130 - 300
Palse Set Paste 86 50 min
Strength @ 3 - day 27 22 - 31
Strength @ 28 -day 54 46  56

Buyer can also opt for 42,5 N without problem.


6. Shipment: Full / Partial shipment.

7. Terms: Contract for 12 months with possible extension available

8. Packing: 50 KG bags or Bulk, Buyers Option

9. Procedures:
a. The buyer issues LOI/ICPO with complete banking coordinates and authorization for a soft probe

b. The seller issues FCO, buyer signs and returns it to the seller with official bank comfort letter to the bank of the seller per swift message

c. The seller issues draft contract to buyer for comments and acceptance, the buyer signs and returns the draft contract showing all amendments required adds full banking coordinates as set out within

d. The seller amends where necessary the hard copy contract, signs, seals and issues to the buyer for his completion, the buyer signs the hard copy contract and returns it to the seller, any facsimile copy shall be considered as the original

e. Within five (5) business days after signing the contract, the buyer opens an Irrevocable, Transferable, Confirmed Documentary Letter of Credit to the seller's bank as per format approved by seller's bank, providing a copy to the sellers' office

f. Within five (5) business days following receipt by seller of acceptable L/C from buyer (which may be non-operative) , seller shall cause its top 50 World Ranked Bank to issue an L/C as Performance Guarantee in an amount equal to two percent (2%) of buyer's L/C. If buyer's L/C is non-operative, it shall be activated by seller's L/C.

g. Delivery and shipment commence as per the terms and conditions of the contract

h. Upon loading of the product at the port of loading, payment of every shipment value shall be made to the seller pursuant to the terms of the L/C.
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