Sell Central Water Purifying System (Whole House Purifier)

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Filtration Technics Activated Carbon+KDF+Quartz Sand
Flush Mode Manual
Outside Measurement X200W480mm
Water Flow 1200 litre/h
Crust Material stainless steel (304)
Interface Measurement (4 cents) screw thread
Water Source Municipal Tap Water
Influx water pressure 0.15-0.45MPa
Temperature Range 10-450
Lifetime KDF:3years (180t. Water Capacity) T33: 2years (100t. Water Capacity)
Outlet Water Quality Prior to International "drinking water hygienic standard "(GB574902006)
1. Flush Mode
Through positive and negative two-way exercise of water flow, loosening and washing filter media and dedicated drainpipes to remove the toxic and harmful substances on the filter media, restore the filtration function.
2. Water quality
Water molecule chain structure changes after filtration, which can be anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, effectively protect water heaters, central air-conditions, advanced sanitary wares and water pipelines etc, prolong their lifetime.
3. Filter Material
Four core water processing devices composed of American high-tech KDF filter material can effectively remove chlorine, heavy metal, rust, sand, bacteria and viruses. After filtration the water is clean and sterile. Post-activated carbon further remove the various organic compounds in water.
4. Water Output
Adopt self-clean and regeneration principle. Water pressure remain basically unchanged after filtration, thus it is beneficial for the user with lower water pressure in rush hour. Water flow may amount to above 1ton/hour .
5. Appearance
The structure is patent design, which guarantee great water flow and immediately filtration function. Some components are food-grade formula, guarantee water output and stable water pressure, in accordance with eco-friendly requirements for families.
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