Sell Central venous catheter

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Size of Central Venous Catheter
1. Single Lumen 14Ga/16Ga/18Ga/20Ga/22Ga, with length 13---30cm
2. Double Lumen 5Fr/7Fr, with lenght 13--30cm
3. Triple Lumen 5.5Fr/7Fr, with lenght 13--30cm

Catheter with clamp; 5ml syringe; Introducer needle; Guidewire with advancer; Dilator; Catheter clamp; 7# needle; Injection cap, Blue GW syringe

PLS Medical is a leading manufacturer in China with rich experience and know-how in the fields of designing, manufacturing and marketing for 2 main scopes products: Guidewire and catheter. Our guidewire have been succeeded to got patent in China in 2008, by far it is one of the 3 patents to manufacturing the J-tip guidewire in the world, and all the main equipments to manufacturing guidewire are researched, developed and assembled by PLS people ourselves.
The guidewire we can make now are more than 600 sizes, included PTFE Coated guidewire; Hydrophilic guidewire, Neurological Micro-guidewire; Zebra guidewire; Steerable Guidewire etc. , it is widely used in the clinics application of cardiology, urology, neurology, tumour, liver and gall etc. ; The catheter included central venous cahteter, introducer sheath, pressure transducer, urology stents, hemostasis valve kits, Ileus catheter etc. . PLS Medical provides OEM manufacturing for customers. We welcome all friends from home and abroad visit us and then sit together to discuss a possible future cooperation!