Sell Centrifugal Process Pump(ANSI B73.1M)

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DAP Series

Centrifugal Process Pump(ANSI B73.1M)

-Designed for process industry
-28 sizes
-Max. Capacity : 1300 m3/hr at 1750 rpm
-Max. Head : 223m at 3500 rpm
-Temperature to 700F (3710) with high temperature application option.
-Fully open impeller investment casting.
-Material : DCI, WCB, CF8, CD4M, CN7M, Hastelloy B&C, TI
-Standard labyrinth oil seal & magnetic drain plug.
-Back pull-out design for easy maintenance.
-Exellent Interchangeability.
-ISO9001 certified by LRQA in 1998.

The ANSI process pump is designed for chemical process industry. The chemical industry has very corrosive and erosive service conditions. Therefore, chemical Process industry demands the pump which can endure the tough pumping conditions.

The DAP series of Dongyang pump is designed for chemical industry with ANSI B73.1M specification. This series has broad range of material selection from DCI to Hastelloy B&C. Also, this series has good parts interchangeability for easy maintenance and parts stock.

The DAP series is a good solution for chemical process industry.

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