Sell Ceramic/Vitrified diamond & CBN grinding wheel

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* Feature: Glass-ceramic bond, which shows a good chemical and physical combination with CBN/DIAMOND of high hardness as well as excellence in mechanical characteristic, makes it possible to solve your problem with excellent quality and best price.

- Longer life with excellent wear resistance.
- Improved performance with superior heat resistance.
- Chemical stability with any type of coolant.
- Superior material removal rate.
* Application & Specification:
- Car production : For grinding of parts(Cam & crank shaft, Joints,
Nozzles, etc)
- Semi-conductor production : For various types of silicon & sic
wafer back grinding
(X150~300 wafer)
- Bearing process : I. D grinding of Bearing in many sizes.
- Tool process: procession of tool in various material like Tungsten
carbide, Ceramics, Cermet, High-Speed Steel, etc.
- Other grindings : For production of grinding wheels being used in
multi-application fields ranging from small R & D to facilities for