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COM ST HP HAA HZ CERAMIC FIBRE MODULES Classification Temperature: COM ceramic fibre modules 1100 . ST ceramic fibre modules 1260 . HP ceramic fibre modules 1260 HAA ceramic fibre modules 1360. HZ ceramic fibre modules 1430 Producing Technology: Each type of ceramic fibre modules, adopting corre-sponding ceramic fibre blanket according to ceramic mod-uless structure, specification, is produced in a special pur-pose machinery. During the process of manufacture, keep-ing a certain reducing proportion in order to make ceramic fibre modules form an entirety for inflation of ceramic mod-ules after liner of ceramic fire modules being completed. Accurate measure, install quickly, lighten the fumcae weight excelleent refractory and heat insulation. Customers may choose different ceramic fibre modules with different material, structrue according to furnacesstructure, it pro-duces many kinds of modules or produces according to customers requirements. Characteristics: low thermal conductivity an low heat storage excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resis-tance good elasticity. Fumace liners have no crack because of the inflation of ceramic fibre modules, and at the same time, the inflation of ceramic fibre modules can also compensate the shrink-age of fibre, so the liners insulation property is improved. install quickly. For the anchor install inside the safety is excellent Usage: metallurgy heating furnace, heat treatment furnace with steel cover, annealing furnace, casing-type furnace, modules, folded modules, cutting Shuttle-type kiln for sintering potteries enamel sintering kiln, tunnel furnace and many kinds of furnaces, fur-nace vehicle and door. Splitting furnace in architectural change furnace, com-mon decompress furnace flue and other industrial furnace, such as crucible furnace, pot furnace, and resistance furnace, high temperature equipments. Other industrial furnace for example, crucible furnace and electricity resistance furnace Conglutination layer has chemical coalescence Packed in plastic sack with the packing weight:25kg in plastic bucket
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