Sell Ceramic Filtering Plate

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Operating Principle
By utilizing the production technology of our patent, the filtering plate consisting of two pieces of cavity-structures which is produced mainly by using corundum-based material. The process include raw-material classification, cleaning & selecting, mixing, high-accuracy molding through die stamping, stage-wise high-temperature roasting, repetitious painting of function layer, cleaning & choosing, finalizing gluing, performance testing, packing and placing in storehouse.

Repetitious roasting and layer-after-layer painting are adopted. Thus, the arrangement of pores (interior is big, exterior is small) is clear; The resistance at restoring of filtering plate's function is small; The cleaning of filtering plate is easy; The surface layer is of high strength and wear-resistant. The two pieces of cavity-structures are glued together using epoxy glue imported. The gluing is of high strength and is corrosion-resistant & wear-resistant.

Features and Applications
The ceramic filtering plates produced by our plant have been proved as successful in many beneficiation plants treating ores of copper, lead, zinc, iron, silver, sulfur, gold etc. The filtering plates are of high strength, easy to be cleaned for restoring of plate function. The maximum pressure for reverse cleaning reaches 0.3MPa that increases the performance of reverse cleaning & combined cleaning and raises remarkably the operation indexes of the filter. The service life of the filter exceeds 2 years that saves the investment & operation cost of customer.