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Ceramic honeycomb material exists mainly as the support of catalyst, heat exchange media and filtrate substrate. HeXing primarily produces such the ceramic honeycomb material as the support of catalyst and heat exchange media.
1) The properties of CHEMSHUN's ceramic honeycomb material:
1.1 Bigger specific surface area.
1.2 Large void fraction.
1.3 Low pressure drop.
1.4 High structural strength.
1.5 Lightweight.
1.6 Chemical inertness.
1.7 Quality temperature tolerance.
2) The material of ceramic honeycomb structure:
Cordierite Mullite Zeolite Ceramic Silica-gel Zirconia etc.
3) Application for ceramic honeycomb material:
3.1 As support of catalyst, ceramic honeycomb materials are typically used for purifying automotive emission, removing bad smell etc, for instance, utilized in exhaust catalytic converter, hotel, restaurant, toilet and so on.
3.2 As heat exchange media, ceramic honeycomb materials are mainly utilized in heat recovery unit of RTO's instead of ceramic saddles
3.3 As filtrate substrate, ceramic honeycomb materials are generally utilized in food processing, environmental industry, metallurgical industry etc. for filtering particulate in industrial waste gas and bubble in liquid of molten melt and making the molten melt laminar so as to increase casting yields, also filtering impurities in juice, dextrose and sucrose etc. .
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